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A Month of Insights | Conferences Tour 2022

Our local team were joined by our CEO and Global Sales Director from Australia to share insights, connect with partners and better understand our providers. 🗽🤖


Following our rapid growth, CEO Dr Silvia Pfeiffer and Global Sales Director Andrew Ellis joined our local team for the months of October to November to further connect with the market. Coviu attended a trio of major health conferences, MHCA, ASHA and HLTH, connecting with our clients, partners and sharing insights on the healthcare landscape. 


MHCA Conference, Scottsdale Arizona, 9th - 11th November

Kicking off a month of connecting with like-minded professionals, CEO, Dr Silvia Pfeiffer attended the MHCA conference in the south-west of the United States. MHCA is an opportunity to discuss current issues affecting behavioral healthcare organizations, with a focus on C-suite executives, making up the majority of the 227 attendees. Coviu also interacted with a number of community care organizations and providers of broader behavioral health services.


HLTH Conference, Las Vegas,13th - 16th November

Arguably one of the biggest health events in the world, falling in the top 3 Primary Health Technology conferences in the United States and with over 12,000 attendees, HLTH 2022 delivered an exceptional opportunity to connect with partners, providers, and other Australian delegates with 12 investor meetings, 10 dedicated profiled end user meetings, wine tasting and a schedule of enviable live entertainment featuring popular DJs and rapper, Ludacris


ASHA Convention, New Orleans, 17th - 19th November

Rounding off a successful month of connecting with the American healthcare community, our US business team were back down south, attending the American Speech-Language-Hearing-Association conference. The event, one of the largest professional development events for speech, audio and language therapists in the States, brought together over 10,000 attendees to explore the latest research in communication sciences and disorders. Coviu was joined by a number of our partners including Pearson, a provider of gold standard remote clinical assessments offered through the Coviu software. 

Read our Pearson Case Study for more information here.




Top 3 Key Takeaways

1. Our healthcare system is restrained by funding and staffing issues

The American healthcare industry is suffering from both lack of funding and staffing shortages, that are having very real impacts on patient care. Our conversations backed recent statistics that show patient to nurse staffing ratios have increased up to 1:4 in cases and an increase in burnout resulting in healthcare professionals such as doctors quitting their jobs up from 32% to 40% in just two years.

In addition, economic factors such as the fallout from COVID-19 measures, inflation and a gap in national health expenditure growth projected to outpace GDP growth over the next two to three years mean there are significantly higher healthcare costs than expended. This predicted increase in combination with already acknowledged gaps in funding for healthcare, mean there is serious work to be done to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving healthcare situation in the United States, which is already overburdened. 

Coviu addresses the staffing challenges and burn-out of healthcare providers through the delivery of a measurement-based virtual care platform that supports clinicians to work at the top of their license. Clinicians that use an efficient system and are able to offer their services at the highest quality don't burn out and don't leave. Coviu's video and phone consultations can be used in a hybrid care setting or a virtual-first care setting and support the quadruple aim of healthcare.

2. Interoperability remains a key challenge 

To further advance in digital healthcare, there is a need for better healthcare interoperability with particular emphasis on better sharing of electronic healthcare records between various providers. 

The lack of interoperability is attributable to a range of challenges, but one that Coviu is endeavoring to solve is the management of inconsistent information across multiple sources.  Our discussions with partners highlighted there is a clear need for a single unified network for all healthcare information. 

As Coviu grows into a fully comprehensive virtual care software, it is breaking down existing silos within the healthcare industry, bringing patients' data into one secure and trusted platform. This is boosted by Coviu’s strong partnerships with related software providers in the industry such as the Clinician. 

3. Whole Person Connected Care is in the spotlight

The concept of whole-person care, albeit not necessarily a new concept, is a prevalent topic of discussion. The term which describes care that considers all elements of a patient's health by treating physical, behavioral, emotional and social wellness factors concurrently, relies on a system that is equally integrated. 

Coviu’s connected all-in-one virtual care engagement platform supports integrative medicine with features such as group consultation rooms which mean multiple parties can be brought into the patient’s health journey simultaneously. The additional integration of a number of clinical features from applications to remote patient monitoring options, mean a patient can be more effectively treated for a range of health factors in the one place. 




A Big Thank You, Partners and Providers!

Coviu wishes to thank the organizers of our November US conference schedule; the Mental Health Corporations of America (MHCA), ANDHealth (HLTH), and the American Speech-Language-Hearing-Association (ASHA). We had an exceptional time connecting with some of the biggest names in American healthcare, thanks for connecting and sharing with us!



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