Coviu and Boom Learning's Groundbreaking Partnership Revolutionizes Special Education Teletherapy

    Introducing the Coviu and Boom Learning Partnership

    In the ever-advancing field of teletherapy for special education, Coviu is pioneering the way with a first-of-its-kind partnership with Boom Learning. This collaboration opens the door to a cutting-edge material marketplace boasting over 500,000 resources, tailored to meet the specific requirements of speech pathologists, behavioral specialists, occupational therapists, and educators worldwide. Boom Learning also delivers comprehensive reports for seamless sharing with intervention teams and families, setting a new standard for teletherapy in schools.

    For Boom Learning Members

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    About Boom Learning

    Boom Learning is a platform that enhances the effectiveness of educators by offering immediate feedback, personalized assignments, and detailed reports. The flagship product, Boom Cards, comprises self-grading learning games with various options, including live monitoring, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, searchlight games, hidden pictures, board games, card games, and more. With over 500,000 "decks" created by experienced educators and specialists, Boom Cards have been played over 3 billion times, earning the love of over 11 million students, 2 million teachers, and 3,000 schools.


    How to Use Boom Learning through Coviu

    Utilizing Boom Learning within Coviu is effortless. With just a simple click of a button, Boom Learning functionality seamlessly integrates into a Coviu teletherapy session - the provider and student are able to share audio, a screen, and mouse to work together on an activity. This feature is available to our premium and enterprise members, enhancing their capabilities and empowering service providers to offer top-tier care to students, regardless of geographical constraints or physical distances. Watch our webinar with Boom Learning on the left-hand side, featuring Coviu's Director of Strategy and Client Growth, Kellie Paul.


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    About Coviu for Special Education

    Coviu's trusted video telehealth solution, powers secure and feature-rich video consultations. In 2020, 60,000+ Coviu users offered over 3 million healthcare video consultations across the globe. To date, Coviu has delivered over 9 million healthcare video consultations through 90,000+ healthcare providers. Coviu aims to improve healthcare accessibility for all and allow patients and providers to discover the benefits of video consultations such as cost.

    Coviu's telehealth platform brings purpose-built teleassessments and teletherapy across speech-language pathology and behavioral health, as well as wider healthcare specialties to schools. By choosing Coviu as their telehealth provider, school districts, staffing agencies, and telehealth providers, have the flexibility and tools to deliver better healthcare outcomes for students, as well as improved work balance for therapists.

    Explore Coviu for School Districts and embark on a journey toward enhanced student care, a solution to staff shortages and unmanageable caseloads, and a more resilient and thriving educational ecosystem.

    More on Coviu for Special Education here.

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