Telehealth Case Studies

Learn how healthcare organisations are using Coviu to improve their businesses and continuity of care.

Case Study - Trauma Care

Telehealth, EMDR Intensives, and Trauma Care

Explore our case study showcasing The Stress and Trauma Clinic's innovative use of Coviu’s telehealth platform for EMDR intensives & Trauma Care. Founded nearly two years ago by Amanda and Carol, the clinic specializes in stress and trauma under a blended care model. Understand the clinic's workflow, advantages to trauma care delivery with Coviu and best practices, and more.

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Next Level Case Study
Case Study - SLP Staffing Agency

A Leading Telepractice Model for SLP Staffing Agencies

Next Level Speech Therapy, a prominent staffing agency specializing in speech pathology, exemplifies a successful telepractice approach with Coviu. Switching to Coviu, they leveraged its optimized features for teleassessments, including Pearson integration, digital administration, and a user-friendly interface. Facing the challenge of switching virtual SLPs to school districts to a new telehealth platform. Download this case study along with an example virtual workflow and checklist for staffing agencies seeking to improve efficiency and outcomes for their staff and students through telepractice.

Case Study - Spinal Rehabilitation

Exploring the Potential of Virtual Group Rooms for Spinal Rehabilitation

Coviu's recent case study discusses how Spinal Life is enhancing its mission to bring substantial and meaningful enhancements to the lives of individuals with physical disabilities through virtual group rooms. Coviu spoke with Ernest Starowicz, an Exercise Physiologist at Spinal Life, who shed light on Spinal Life's experience with the virtual care platform. In his dialogue, he delved into how virtual group rooms have elevated Spinal Life's services, the notable advantages arising from their hybrid healthcare approach, and its vision for the future of spinal care delivery. Download the case study today to learn how virtual group rooms could be integrated into your practice and reap the benefits.

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Case Study - Plant Medicine

Alternaleaf - Transforming Access to Plant Medicine through Telehealth

Alternaleaf's Imogen Phillips discusses its telehealth client management platform that supports its mission to improve patients' access to medical cannabis. The clinic recognized that many clients faced barriers when discussing plant medicine openly with their doctors due to factors such as lack of education or societal stigma. Therefore, the goal was to create a streamlined process for patients to access medical cannabis and receive appropriate medications. Download Alternaleaf's story today to learn how virtual care could work for your clinical practice and reap the benefits.

Case Study - Practice Perfect

Customer Successes with Practice Perfect and Coviu's Solution

Practice Perfect selected Coviu as its telehealth partner because it was the top-notch provider for clinics offering Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. One of the key reasons Practice Perfect chose Coviu was its user-friendly integration with practitioners' day-to-day clinical operations, making it easy to incorporate into their workflows. Additionally, Coviu offers a range of features and tools that enhance the overall clinical experience. Read customer success stories using this joint solution.

Practice Perfect
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Case Study - Speech Pathology & Behavioral Health

Eat, Speak, Learn: Successful Hybrid Care for Pediatric Patients

Celebrating children’s achievements is a core philosophy of Eat Speak Learn, an integrated practice offering speech pathology, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, dietetics, occupational therapy, and psychology for children, with a unique specialty in pediatric feeding disorders.

Case Study - Pearson Assessments

Benefits and Challenges of Delivering Pearson Assessments Remotely

In-built clinical assessments are creating new opportunities for healthcare. Coviu explores how its ongoing partnership with Pearson Clinical has opened up a range of new possibilities for clients and allied health providers through virtual care. But like anything, these opportunities are not without difficulties. The case study weighs up the science, features, benefits, and challenges of the Pearson assessments available through the Coviu elevated telehealth platform.

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Case Study - Speech Language-Therapy

Elevated Telehealth for Speech Language-Therapy in Schools

Coviu is the leading all-in-one virtual care engagement platform for speech-language pathologists. With various studies showcasing the ability of speech-language assessments delivered via Coviu's platform to achieve equal outcomes as in-person consultations, it's no surprise that speech-language pathologists in schools trust Coviu as their virtual care solution. Coviu's suite of integrated tools for speech-language pathologists means that you can deliver more engaging therapy to school children being assessed. Coviu customers are able to administer the Pearson speech-language assessments directly from within a call.

Case Study - Clean Slate Clinic

Treating Alcohol Dependence with Virtual Care: An Online Home Detox Program

The Clean Slate Clinic is a Telehealth program that supports addiction sufferers to safely undergo alcohol detox from home. Since establishing at the beginning of 2021 over 50 patients have successfully undergone an at-home alcohol detox program completely via telehealth. This new model has proven to be safe, effective, and convenient, making alcohol treatment widely available to all who need it, regardless of their location.

Clean Slate Clinic
Case Study - Pyschology

Putting Telehealth into Practice at Benchmark Psychology - Designing a Human-Centred Service

How can we digitize health care services without compromising human interaction? For Benchmark Psychology this was one of the key questions when designing video telehealth services for their clients. Using Coviu’s video telehealth platform Benchmark Psychology was able to achieve exactly that - create a video telehealth service that is just like an in-person experience.

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