Every consultation is unique. 

 Find an app that is right for you. 

Apps designed for your needs

Apps are modules you can add to your account that extend the functionality and workflow capabilities of your clinic.


Installing Apps

Adding apps to your Coviu account is easy, simply follow the steps below:

1. Ensure you are logged in to your Coviu account 

2. Navigate to 'APPS' in your sidebar menu

3. Click on 'FIND APPS' button

4. Find the app you wish to install

5. Click on the app

6. Then click 'Install'

7. On the next page click 'Install Now' to confirm 

8. The app is now available in your Coviu account


How to install Pearson

All Apps

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Administrative Tools

Custom Form Icon

Customizable Forms

Coviu’s Customizable Forms App enables the creation of any custom form you would like your participants to complete during your telehealth consultation.

Consent Form-1

Consent Form - General Telehealth

Add a general-purpose consent form to your call workflow.

Consent Form

Consent Form - Configurable 

Add a consent form with custom content to your call workflow.

Customer Connect-2

Post Call Links

Configure links to be displayed to call participants at the end of a call. Great for post call surveys and forms.


HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

Sign your HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.


Booking and Scheduling 

Appointment Booking

Appointment Bookings

Allow your customers to book appointments online.

Customer Connect

Customer Connect

Connect with your customers using a branded customer portal.

Scheduled Session

Scheduled Sessions

Simple call scheduling and management.


Text-only Sessions

‘Snapchat for Health’ – a new way to reach patients.

Interactive Activities 

Video Player

Video Player

Share your own videos within your Coviu call


Web Coaching

Create, perform and review role-play assessments


YouTube Video Player

Share YouTube videos within your Coviu call

Drag and Drop

Drag`n`Drop game

Build interactive drag-and-drop games

In-call Tools


Blurred Backgrounds

Allow your team members to blur their backgrounds for a greater level of visual privacy


Consultation Recording

Record your calls to your computer with the aid of this add-on

Dual Screen

Dual Screen

Display two resources next to each other


File transfer

Easily and securely transfer files in your Coviu sessions.



Add highlighters to the annotation tools

Request Camera-1

Request Camera

Request access to a participant camera


Pulse Oximeter Remote Monitoring App

This App enables you to remotely monitor your patients using pulse oximeter devices.



General Anxiety Disorder-7 (GAD-7)

7-item measure for symptoms of anxiety with automated scoring


Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS-21)

21-item measure of depression, anxiety, & stress with automated scoring

app elr

eLr for Coviu

Interactive activities for teletherapy sessions designed by speech-language pathologists.