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Coviu: Telehealth Company Sees Massive Growth

Coviu is on a mission to make virtual healthcare easier for all. And, it’s safe to say, the mission has so far been a success.


Australia’s leading telehealth solution has experienced unmatched growth in recent years. From adapting to the sudden need for telemedicine solutions to keeping pace with the changing needs of the global healthcare industry, Coviu’s team has grown to 50 people globally and over 8.5 million consultations have been completed on the elevated telehealth software. 


Coviu platform usage has also increased by 6,250%. Needless to say, the Coviu telemedicine platform is helping patients and professionals alike receive and deliver quality care.


During this era of significant growth, Coviu continues to look ahead and expand its product offerings in the United States. Read on to learn more about what’s behind Coviu’s growth and how the best telehealth platform continues to adapt to the needs of healthcare on a global scale.

More Than Your Average Telehealth Solution

Coviu is more than simply a telemedicine company; it’s an elevated telehealth platform.


It’s no secret that virtual care skyrocketed around the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the United States alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 37% of adults used telemedicine in 2021, and that number is expected to be even more in the last year.


Coviu quickly identified the immediate need for telemedicine software and got to work. But rather than simply offering video conferencing and talking heads, Coviu went the extra mile to become a full virtual care platform.


One thing that sets Coviu apart as one of the best telemedicine platforms is the comprehensive app marketplace. Apps extend the functionality of an organization’s essential workflows and enhance phone and video consultations. Coviu works with clinicians and focus groups to ensure there’s a demand for new features so every addition is beneficial to the telehealth services.


Coviu’s growth is, in large part, due to its ability to replicate the brick-and-mortar workflow with a high-quality digital solution. The all-in-one virtual care engagement platform helps providers deliver frictionless virtual care from start to finish.


It’s clear that even after the height of the pandemic, telehealth is here to stay, and so is Coviu. 

Patients can now choose if they want virtual care, and it’s essential for physicians to offer a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform like Coviu to meet their needs.

Coviu on Australian Financial Review's Fast 100 List

Coviu’s growth since the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t gone unrecognized. 


Coviu has been ranked number 51 on The Australian Financial Review (AFR)'s 2022 Fast 100 List, a prestigious award celebrating Australia’s fastest-growing companies. Experiencing a usage increase of over 6000% and revenue almost triple is extremely commendable, but it’s Coviu’s forward thinking that secured its spot on this list.


Coviu continues to earn its spot as one of the best telemedicine companies and expand its features to offer a complete virtual care experience. Some of these features include group therapy, phone consultations, and an ever-growing app marketplace.

Coviu Removes Common Barriers to Care

Coviu continues to experience growth because of its attention to detail and holistic approach to virtual, HIPAA-compliant healthcare. By focusing on replicating brick-and-mortar workflows and providing patients and clinicians with a variety of telehealth options, Coviu is effectively breaking down common barriers to care.

Easily Accessible Care

Time and time again, telehealth is lauded for being a more comfortable and convenient experience for patients. There’s no travel time or need to sit in a waiting room. Employees don’t need to take a day off of work for an appointment and parents don’t have to find childcare for a quick video call. Patients can securely connect with their primary care physician or specialist in real-time from the comfort of their homes.


Coviu takes pride in being an extremely user-friendly telemedicine company. Rich in clinical features and apps, it only takes healthcare providers minutes to set up and start using Coviu to consult with patients. Patients simply click a link to join from their computer or mobile device. No account is needed and protected health information always remains secure.

Reaching Remote Communities

Making care more accessible also means reaching remote and underserved communities. According to the Center for American Progress, while only 14% of Americans live in rural areas (which is still 46 million people), these communities represent almost two-thirds of primary care health professional shortage areas.


Many individuals in these areas don’t have easy access to healthcare services. They need to drive hours to reach a primary care provider and likely travel even farther for specialty treatment.


As Coviu expands in the U.S., it can help healthcare providers and specialists connect with these rural communities.

Improve Quality of Care

Coviu provides patients and clinicians with a variety of options that can improve the quality of care. The American Medical Association reported that 75% of clinicians polled by the organization indicated that telehealth enabled them to provide quality care.


This includes everything from reducing wait times, reducing healthcare costs, and overall providing tailored care for each patient. Coviu extends the reach of healthcare providers while allowing them to do more with their patients remotely. Whether that means remote patient monitoring or conducting a group therapy session is up to the needs of the individual practice and its patients.

Overcome Staffing Issues

The American healthcare industry is suffering from both a lack of funding and staffing shortages, which are having very real impacts on patient care. Recent statistics from Forbes show that patient-to-nurse staffing ratios have increased up to 1:4 in some instances.


This is largely due to the unfortunate cycle of more individuals in need of care, fewer healthcare professionals entering the field, and rampant burnout among doctors and nurses. One study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found just under 32% of doctors reported feeling burned out in 2019, but that figure rose to 40% in 2022. Similarly, nearly 41% of nurses reported burnout in 2019; by 2022, the number was a shade over 49%.


Healthcare professionals are feeling overwhelmed and burnout quickly. Coviu can help alleviate some of this pressure by allowing more routine appointments to be completed virtually. 

Enhanced Interoperability 

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society defines interoperability as:


“The ability of different information systems, devices and applications (systems) to access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner, within and across organizational, regional and national boundaries, to provide timely and seamless portability of information and optimize the health of individuals and populations globally.”


Interoperability is still something that many healthcare organizations struggle with. The sheer amount of data they’re collecting daily is vital for providing proper patient care but can be difficult to organize. Lack of interoperability leads to a slew of challenges, such as coordination gaps and missed opportunities to be proactive about patient care.


In other words, when healthcare systems don’t work together and important patient data is difficult to share and access, it can affect patient outcomes and increase healthcare costs.  


Coviu takes pride in meeting all domestic legal requirements, along with being officially HIPAA compliant. Healthcare professionals can have peace of mind when using the Coviu HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.


As you can see, Coviu’s technology delivers a vision of connected care providing a system of action and eliminating common obstacles to care. With Coviu, providers can deliver rapid, secure patient care when and where it’s needed the most.

Coviu Focuses on Whole-Person Connected Care

Part of Coviu’s commitment to connected care is an emphasis on the whole person. “Whole person connected care” is a straightforward concept that considers all elements of a patient's health by treating physical, behavioral, emotional, and social wellness factors. 


Personal wellness is multifaceted. As the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health explains, a focus on the whole person ultimately helps individuals improve their health in multiple interconnected biological, behavioral, social, and environmental areas. While treating a disease is no doubt important, this approach to care also focuses on restoring health, promoting resilience, and preventing diseases across a lifespan.


This holistic approach to healthcare benefits everyone involved in the system. Healthier individuals lead to fewer chronic diseases and subsequent doctor’s visits. In turn, this eases the burden on healthcare professionals and reduces burnout so they can devote more time and attention to other patients. There is the opportunity to create a positive cycle.


Of course, whole-person connected care relies on a system that is equally integrated. Coviu supports holistic care as a connected all-in-one virtual care engagement platform. Coviu empowers healthcare professionals to utilize integrative medicine with features such as group sessions where multiple parties can be brought into the patient’s health journey simultaneously. Additionally, the integration of a number of clinical features from applications to remote patient monitoring options, means a patient can be more effectively treated for a range of health factors in one place. 

An Emphasis on Mental Health

The foundation of whole-person care is bringing together social, mental, and physical wellbeing. Coviu helps unite these fronts with tailored telehealth for mental health software.


Like the shortage of doctors and nurses, the United States also does not have enough mental health professionals to treat the population. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, more than 150 million people live in federally designated mental health professional shortage areas. Even more startling is that, within a few years, it’s predicted that the U.S. will be short between 14,280 and 31,109 psychiatrists.


Coviu arms those serving on the frontlines of America’s mental health epidemic with an unparalleled telehealth solution to help them see more patients effectively. Coviu is a HIPAA-compliant therapy platform that puts important tools at technology at the fingertips of mental health providers:

  • Simple and secure video conferencing and screen sharing
  • Over 50 tailored clinical apps that can be added to your Coviu account, including industry-leading assessment partner tools such as Pearson assessments
  • Conduct secure group sessions with up to 20 people from a cloud-based telehealth platform


Coviu offers an elevated behavioral health telehealth platform that allows psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and other behavioral and mental health professionals to improve patient outcomes.

Utilizing Coviu to Deliver Hybrid Care

Looking ahead, it’s clear that telehealth is here to stay. However, there’s more flexibility in how it will be used.


In this post-pandemic phase, hybrid care is becoming the new normal for patients and practitioners. Speaking to the Australian Financial Review, Silvia Pfeiffer, CEO of Coviu shared that,“Extending telehealth to deliver ‘hybrid care’, which combines the best of virtual and in-person experiences across the full continuum of care, is the key to improving efficiencies, capacity, and patient outcomes.”


Approaching telehealth software as an integrated solution is the key to meeting the needs of patients and practices in 2023. From virtual waiting rooms and online billing to integrated medical devices, Coviu is now delivering this holistic approach to telehealth in the United States.


As Coviu continues to grow, the goal is to advance as an all-in-one virtual care engagement platform, not just a standalone telemedicine company. 

About Coviu

Coviu is a global virtual care company powering secure and feature-rich video consultations for health systems and specialists. Coviu started as a small but mighty telehealth solution that now facilitates more than 14,000 telehealth consultations a day and supports almost a quarter of all Australian practitioners. 


Coviu’s growth is due to its commitment to improving healthcare access for all. A holistic approach to telehealth makes it possible for clinicians to save time and money all while improving patient satisfaction and health outcomes. 


With expansion in the United States, more professionals and patients can benefit from the telehealth platform already used and trusted by more than 90,000 clinicians worldwide.


Learn more about the elevated telehealth platform today.

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