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Coviu - Our Name Explained!

We know our name Coviu has some unfortunate spelling...just one letter off 'Covid', you can just imagine how many questions we get! What does your name mean? How did you come up with it? Why would you call it something so similar to Covid? Very few know the origin of the name Coviu, but today we dig in!


Firstly, did you know Coviu was established in 2015? Four years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic began. In a somewhat funny coincidence, the Covid-19 pandemic turned into a catalyst for the drastic uptake of Coviu's telehealth software during this time. Coviu scaled from doing 400 consultations a day pre-Covid to 25,000 a day. 



So if the name Coviu had nothing to do with Covid how did the name come to be?




When Coviu was created, CEO Dr Silvia Pfeiffer and Co-Founder and CTO Nathan Oehlman, had lengthy discussions about what the Coviu company and technology stands for. 


"When you create a startup, the choice of name is a difficult one - probably one of the hardest decisions you have to make", says Dr Pfeiffer. "You want it to be simple and short, so people can remember it. You want it to be meaningful for what you are doing. And you want it to be neutral and not mean anything in different languages", she says.


With this in mind, Nathan Oehlman's brother, Damon Oehlman came up with the concept of 'co-viewing'. Perfect for what Coviu encompasses i.e. giving people the ability to look at things together.


Unfortunately, the domain 'co-view' was taken, so in turn 'Coviu' was born. Which, prior to the pandemic seemed like the perfect choice from a visual perspective as well as a simplistic one. 




So, despite the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the uptake of our software, our name had nothing to do with it! 

And for those still wondering how it is pronounced, it is simply just "co-view".

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