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Coviu US | Coviu is Officially a HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Solution

Privacy and security have always been our main priorities.

That's why, in addition to meeting all domestic legal requirements, we are excited to announce that Coviu is officially HIPAA compliant! This is a testament to our existing robust security framework, and our promise to continue treating your sensitive data with the utmost care.

In Australia, most health care professionals and businesses have heard of HIPAA compliance. But, what does it really mean?


Coviu is now HIPAA compliant

What is HIPPA?

HIPAA is an acronym that stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It is a federal U.S law, that created national standards for the collection, storing and disclosing of protected health information (PHI). 


What is HIPAA compliance?

HIPAA compliance means your organisation has implemented the necessary controls and safeguards to 'ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information'. It is a long and thorough process, but it essentially ensures that you are acting in accordance with the HIPAA legislation.

In the United States, the organisation is also liable for any breaches that occur and can face hefty penalties.

The term 'HIPAA compliance' is known globally and is often sought out by patients and customers from around the world, as a benchmark for determining an organisations' security and privacy framework. 


How does a business become HIPAA compliant?

Although an organisation might meet certain HIPAA requirements at first glance, they are not officially compliant until they complete a rigorous checklist.

Some of the activities in the checklist include:

  • Risk assessments
  • Audits
  • Contingency planning
  • Whole of staff security training
  • Physical safeguards (control facility access, workstation and device security)
  • Network encryption
  • Documentation

And More...

Remaining HIPAA compliant is an ongoing process that requires regular risk analysis, audits and updating of procedures.


Why is it beneficial for Coviu to be HIPAA compliant?

  • Patients and health care professionals are protected

Ultimately, patients can rest assured that any PHI shared in a telehealth consult will not be stored by Coviu or misused. Health care professionals can also relax knowing our telehealth software deals with PHI in accordance with the strict HIPAA guidelines.

  • Trust & confidence

Patients and customers know that when they choose Coviu, a HIPAA compliant product, there is a greater obligation to protect PHI. Not only is information handled with a higher degree of care, but there are numerous systems in place to deal promptly with any issues that arise. This builds trust and customers will be more likely to recommend Coviu to a friend or colleague. 

  • Differentiation

Being HIPAA compliant creates positive differentiation for Coviu, as patients and customers are more willing to choose a HIPAA compliant product than one that does not officially meet the legal requirements. 

We are currently preparing Business Associate Agreements for those who are interested in utilising HIPAA. Please contact us for more information.

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