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Insights from RTM West Special Education 2023

In early October 2023, education professionals, administrators, and clinicians from school districts across the western United States gathered at the RTM West Special Education conference. This four-day event served as a platform for in-depth discussions, sharing insights, and exploring the evolving landscape of special education. One significant theme that emerged during the conference was the use of teletherapy in special education.

Teletherapy: A Post-Pandemic Reality

As the world grappled with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the education sector had to adapt quickly to ensure that special education services remained accessible to students. Many school districts turned to teletherapy as a means to provide these essential services. The experiences during the pandemic were mixed - some found teletherapy to be a valuable tool, while others faced significant challenges. However, as the world slowly returns to a sense of normalcy, the conference attendees acknowledged that the landscape has changed.

Despite experiencing teletherapy's potential, many school districts have reverted to their pre-pandemic methods of service delivery. It's understandable, as these traditional approaches have a sense of familiarity and established procedures. However, what's evident is that clinicians, therapists, and special education teams have now had a taste of the possibilities teletherapy offers, and many of them have come to appreciate its flexibility and potential.

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Challenges and Opportunities

One recurrent concern raised during the conference was staffing shortages. Directors of Special Education have recounted stories of losing their best team members to teletherapy staffing agencies. This shift reflects a broader desire among professionals for more flexibility in their roles, allowing for a better work-life balance.

So, what's the challenge now? It's about how to create and manage a hybrid team - a mix of in-person and teletherapy providers. This includes ensuring your team has access to a reliable software platform to deliver high-quality teletherapy and teaching them the skills needed for effective online intervention.

A Partner in Transition

What became clear is that many school Special Education teams feel somewhat lost when it comes to transitioning to teletherapy. They need a partner who can guide them through the process of setting up schedules, managing remote staff, providing training and supervision, and, most importantly, delivering high-quality teletherapy.

This is where Coviu steps in as a potential solution. With its experience and expertise in teletherapy, Coviu can be the partner that school districts are looking for. By leveraging their platform and guidance, education professionals can seamlessly transition to a hybrid model of service delivery, ensuring students receive the best care possible, whether in-person or through teletherapy.

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In conclusion, the RTM West Special Education conference in October 2023 shed light on the changing dynamics in the special education sector, particularly with regards to teletherapy. The experiences and challenges faced by school districts in the wake of the pandemic have opened doors to new possibilities. While there are difficulties to overcome, the future looks promising with partners like Coviu offering the support needed to make a smooth and successful transition into the world of teletherapy.

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