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2021 Taking Your TeleBehavioral Health Services to the Next Level

The Covid-19 health crisis accelerated the adoption of telehealth in virtually every speciality but in no specialty did the use spread as quickly as in behavioral health. But now, as we are approaching the end of the pandemic, Behavioral Health professionals and leaders must ask themselves: what does the future of telehealth look like for behavioral and mental health?

In this fast-paced, experienced-based talk focused on giving you pragmatic guidance, Christian Milaster, a telehealth strategy and implementation thought leader, shared his insights and guidance on a variety of topics:

  • The many facets of TeleBehavioralHealth: Are you leveraging all of them in your practice?
  • The Six Modalities of delivering TeleBehavioralHealth: 3 that you know well, 2 you didn’t think of right away and 1 that will surprise you.
  • The Five Quick Tweaks to optimize your TeleBehavioralHealth services.
  • The Seven Business Cases for delivering behavioral health at a distance.

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