A Virtual Care Engagement Platform

With Teletherapy Features That Empower A Seamless Personalized Care Experience

Elevated telehealth, Coviu provides an all-in-one virtual care engagement platform that enables providers to deliver a superior, frictionless virtual care experience combined with à la carte industry-leading teletherapy app features to improve clinical outcomes, capacity, and workflow efficiencies.

Coviu’s teletherapy software features deliver on a vision of a 'connected care – system of action' that enables providers to deliver rapid patient care impact by eliminating many of the traditional obstacles to doing so. Coviu arms providers with an unparalleled telehealth solution and the most beneficial features of teletherapy to help them thrive not just survive in these trying times.

Coviu does this through:

Virtual Care Engagement Platform

Simple and Secure Video Consultations

Coviu is a global leading telehealth solution, powering simple, secure, and feature-rich video consultations. Through Coviu's advanced teletherapy software features, you can provide vital health services to people who otherwise might not be able to access care. Whether that means patients in rural areas or individuals with mobility issues, you can now connect them to their healthcare services in a secure, convenient way.

Coviu uses in-browser technology, which means there is no software or teletherapy platform to install or download for both the provider and the patient, removing common barriers to successful and stress-free virtual visits. Being a web-based technology, deployment of Coviu is streamlined and does not require ongoing internal IT support. All doctors and patients need to do is click a button and begin their appointment.

Coviu has been built with extreme care for patient privacy from the time they book an appointment to when it comes time to share health information. Coviu is HIPPA compliant, ISO 27001 certified and all calls are encrypted end-to-end - no patient data is stored. In addition, Coviu is packed with teletherapy features designed to enhance your consultations, all while fitting seamlessly into your current practice. 

Coviu allows you to share resources, use the interactive whiteboard feature to explain diagrams


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"Coviu provides a reliable, effective, and secure means of offering therapy in a face-to-face online context. Coviu is simple, flexible, and easy to use”

Chris Larkin, Psychologist


50+ Teletherapy Apps Tailored to Your Speciality 

Apps are modules you can add to your Coviu account that extend the functionality and workflow capabilities of your clinic, including industry-leading assessment partner tools. With over 50 apps to choose from, Coviu has a selection of administrative and clinical teletherapy applications to bridge the gap between in-person and telehealth consults. 

The included teletherapy app features include everything your practice needs to streamline workflows and personalize patient care. From booking an appointment and assessments to interactive tools, these apps help to make your job easier. Plus, it’s a breeze to add apps to your Coviu account to use for your next consultation.

Make and Receive Phone Calls

Use Coviu as a single platform for both video and voice consultations making clinic management easier for your practice. Our teletherapy software features empower you to connect with patients in a way that’s most convenient for them and best for their care.

Reap the benefits of Coviu's new audio-only telehealth feature including:

  • Same account for both video and audio - Use your Coviu account to call clients on their phone when they can't do video.

  • Expand your boundaries - Use our virtual waiting area to respond to phone enquiries and leave phone calls for other users to answer. 

  • Privacy and Security - No need to share personal mobile numbers! Use your dedicated Coviu phone number to call clients on their phone.

  • Maintain a health hotline/health call center where staff can respond to multiple incoming calls using the same line.
  • Create 24/7 accessibility with Voicemail functionality

Phone capabilities are available on the Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

Prices start at $15/m/account on the Standard and Premium plans to enable phone calls and receive a dedicated number. Price is subject to change as we enhance and roll out new features. 


"Being able to make phone calls out of Coviu provides me with the convenience and flexibility my practice needs. It also provides me with a much more stable connection when working from home which lies in a mobile black spot. Increasing flexibility of telephone connection with clients and other professionals is very important to me for consistency of service." -  C.J. G. Psychologist


Remote Patient Monitoring 

The best teletherapy features allow you to monitor your patient’s health from anywhere.  Save your patient a trip to a clinic and reduce waiting room times by connecting and monitoring patients remotely.

Monitor your patients using Bluetooth-supported pulse oximeter devices within a Coviu call. Using Bluetooth, the pulse oximeter device will display live clinical readouts via Coviu, allowing the clinician to read for diagnostics. 

How It Works

• Patients connect their pulse oximeter device via Bluetooth to their Coviu call
• The app will display the live pulse oximeter readouts directly within your Coviu call


Coviu has also partnered with The Clinician to launch an integrated telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution for the management of COVID-19 patients. Read more about this partnership here.

Group Telehealth Rooms

The best teletherapy software features also offer the opportunity for group sessions. Group telehealth can help connect your community of care no matter where they are. It’s never been easier to create support groups and connect patients with the group care they may need virtually.

With Coviu's new Group Room Feature, you can conduct activities and support groups, such as group therapy, art therapy, and yoga classes. Group Rooms can also be utilized for educational workshops and peer support groups, such as alcoholic anonymous meetings and domestic violence workshops. You can also utilize Coviu for your team meetings and multi-disciplinary meetings with your clients. 

This telehealth feature is currently available on the Premium Plan only. Click here to learn how to upgrade your plan. 


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Group Telehealth Sessions

The Coviu Difference

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Privacy + Security (HIPAA Compliant)

HIPAA Compliant and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures your data is always safe and secure.

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Fits with Your Processes

Replicate your organization's physical structure in an online environment and digitize your practice in 1 day.

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Seamless Across All Devices

Coviu has you covered on any iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, or PC ‎device.

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Patient Management and Clinical Tools

Achieve more with your calls using powerful apps to suit your specialty.

reduce cancellations


Hosting 10K+ consultations per day. Trusted by 90K+ clinicians | 9M+ consultations to date.

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Easy for Patients

No downloads, installations, or account creation is required. Patients just click a link and connect!


Experience Coviu now, risk free.

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Enterprise Telehealth Features

Coviu is the leading telehealth solution, providing scalable, secure, and feature-rich video and phone consultations for enterprise businesses. Some features that our clients love include:

  • Ability to have an easy oversight of all telehealth activities within the centralized management of all organizations and clinics.

  • Easy to replicate organizations' physical structure in an online environment, resulting in a seamless setup without the need to change existing processes.

  • Full reporting capabilities for clinical governance, allowing you to understand how the platform is being used.

  • White labeling allows full customization of the platform with the organization’s branding, from logo to colors and custom domain.