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Video Telehealth Consults are the Future

General Practitioner, Dr. Andrew Baird has described practicing during the COVID-19 pandemic as “challenging, exciting, interesting, depressing, upsetting and fraught – all of those things together”. But his experience in shifting towards a telehealth practice has highlighted how video consultations can often be just as effective as in-person consults – if not more.


As reported by HealthTimes, Dr. Baird says 'video consults are the future'. His clinic’s switch to using telehealth technology, focusing on utilising video over phone consultations has highlighted how beneficial this option is for patients.

“From the medical side of things, they don't have to attend a medical practice in person so they're minimising their risk of exposure to transmission of infection, and their risk of transmission to others as well.”

“There's also the benefits of convenience - not having to travel to and from a clinic can save on the costs of parking and childcare if you need to get someone to look after your kids while you're visiting the doctor", he says. 


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