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Kellie Paul on Telepractice Today

Kellie Paul,  Director of Strategy & Client Growth, SLP (United States) delves into the process of selecting the right telepractice platform alongside Kim Dutro Allen & K. Todd Houston on their recent episode of Telepractice Today.

Kellie shares her journey, starting from her beginnings in speech therapy straight out of graduate school, where she spent 12 years gaining invaluable experience within a school district. After relocating, she transitioned into teletherapy, catering to numerous children including many across California and working within esteemed educational institutions.

Eventually, she progressed into a role supporting clinicians in teletherapy, aiding them in overcoming various challenges, particularly within school settings. This role extended to managing accounts for approximately a decade.

Recently, she joined Coviu, a platform designed to support clinicians in their daily practice. Coviu Global, pronounced 'Co-view', originated as a software engineering project in Australia aimed at assisting speech pathologists in providing services to remote patients, initially funded by a university.

Over time, Coviu expanded its reach to various medical specialties, offering tailored workflows for diverse needs. What sets Coviu apart is its customizable nature, ensuring each account is unique to its users.

Telepractice Today

Kellie discusses:

  • Coviu's distinctive attributes, including its origin and product offerings.
  • The platform's focus on being the ultimate telehealth platform for clinicians, with a product purposefully crafted alongside their input.
  • Coviu's seamless integration with other platforms like Pearson teleassessments and Boom Learning.
  • What clinicians should think about in choosing the right telehealth platform for them from the features they need to meet their workflows to cost requirements to support.

Kellie emphasizes her journey as an SLP seeking the ultimate telehealth platform saying, "I'm so proud of our engineers and all the hard work they have put in."




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