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How to Guide | Induction Packages for Clients

Coviu has found that customers who invest in client onboarding have the greatest success stories with telehealth. To ensure a smooth and positive experience, clinicians are encouraged to create induction packages to guide clients through the expectations of virtual healthcare. Here's a starting point for how clinicians can assemble effective telehealth induction packages.

Welcome Email

Begin the induction package with a warm welcome email. We have an example email for you in our resources already. Introduce the concept of telehealth, emphasize its benefits, and express enthusiasm for the client's participation. This sets a positive tone for the transition.

Provide a clear and concise overview of the telehealth services offered. Outline the types of consultations available, including video calls, telephone appointments, and any additional virtual tools or features that will be utilized during sessions.

Clearly outline the payment and billing procedures for telehealth services. Include information on accepted payment methods, billing cycles, and any insurance-related details. Transparent communication about financial aspects contributes to a positive client experience.

telehealth welcome email

Include Resourceful Attachments

In the attachments, Coviu recommends you also include:

1. A Set-Up Checklist as a downloadable pdf on how clients should arrange their environment for an optimal experience and access telehealth appointments. Include instructions on lighting and audio requirements and ensure their devices and browsers are compatible with the telehealth platform.

2. An FAQ sheet that outlines commonly asked questions and answers with links to additional resources where relevant is a great way to get clients comfortable with telehealth. If your sessions require parent or third-party engagement you can outline expectations in this section also. 

3. Whether in the email body or as an attachment, address client concerns regarding privacy and security by detailing the measures in place to protect their confidential information. Clearly explain the platform's compliance with privacy regulations such as HIPAA and encryption protocols, reassuring clients of the safety of their telehealth interactions.

Do A 15-Minute Test Call First 

If you will be having several telehealth sessions with a client in the future, Coviu highly recommends you set up a 15-minute test call with your client. This gives you a chance to tick off the setup checklist with them and conduct a precall test to make sure that they not only have a strong connection for the call but know how to conduct a test themselves in the future. 

Technical Troubleshooting Information for Staff

Anticipate potential technical challenges by developing a set of technical support guidelines for staff. Provide practical information for the team on ways to mitigate common issues in calls such as recommendations for clients who live in noisy or distracting environments, along with technical troubleshooting tips such as connectivity issues. During calls, assure clients that assistance is readily available to address any concerns they may encounter.

Feedback Channels

Throughout your clients' telehealth journeys, make sure there are ongoing avenues for feedback. Encourage clients to share their experiences and provide suggestions for improvement. This feedback loop not only enhances client engagement but also allows clinicians to continuously refine their telehealth services. You might like to schedule a follow-up email or a text that allows clients to rate their experience.

telehealth checklist technical issues

Telehealth Induction Packages are Vital

By thoughtfully assembling telehealth induction packages, clinicians can proactively address client concerns, provide essential information, and create a foundation for a successful transition to virtual care. This approach not only facilitates a smooth onboarding process but also fosters a sense of collaboration and confidence between clinicians and their clients in the realm of telehealth.

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