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Telehealth Opportunities We Didn’t Even Realize Existed!


Alana Maley-Berg

Psychologist, CEO, and Founder of One Central Health


Tell us about yourself and your practice!

One Central Health provides a range of integrative health and pediatric services and is a registered NDIS provider. Psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology, autism assessments, behavior therapy, counseling, dietetics… You name it, we do it!

There’s nothing that motivates me more and fills me with as much pride as seeing our team help improve the lives of our clients and their families.


"Telehealth has opened up doors we didn’t even realize existed!"


What’s your experience with telehealth been like to date? How has this changed since the outbreak of Coronavirus?

Prior to Coronavirus we were almost exclusively conducting therapy face-to-face. We were worried that the pandemic would mean our clients wouldn’t have access to much-needed therapy. To be honest, we were also a bit concerned about the effectiveness of therapy via telehealth, but all of our team members and clients were in for a welcome surprise! 

The concept of telehealth wasn’t one we seriously considered prior to coronavirus but we’ve never looked back. When we found Coviu we were immediately drawn to its reliability, simplicity, and effectiveness. A real selling point for us was the enhanced security that Coviu offered, which many other video-conferencing programs didn’t.

Client feedback about using Coviu has been great!

Coviu customer offering telehealth services beyond the pandemic

What are the benefits of using telehealth for your patients? 

Telehealth has opened up doors we didn’t even realize existed! Our clients could continue their therapy throughout COVID-19 and we are finding that some clients prefer to continue with teletherapy even as restrictions ease in Western Australia. Our regional clinics are also able to extend the reach of their services to areas of the state that have previously had no access to these vital services. Telehealth opportunities are endless. 


Which features have you been using and why?

Our clinical team loved using the many features Coviu had to offer to enhance the telehealth experience for our clients. We used the whiteboard, web-info sharing, online gameplay, and shared screen capabilities to assist us with clients. It was also great to be able to link up with up to four people at once.

Booking our clients in and scheduling appointments was super easy and the diary function was simple to learn and work with. Our clients were appreciative of how easy the process of using the emailed link was.

Whenever we needed tech support or had Coviu-related questions, we found that the chatbot and the support team behind it were quick, effective, and very helpful. All our issues were fixed right away – even if it meant we had to have a video call to talk us through the troubleshooting.


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