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National Telehealth Awareness Month

The Australian Telehealth Society designates October as Australia’s National Telehealth Awareness Month. Individual jurisdictions can select their own week to suit, and we have chosen the last week of October to celebrate! Help us celebrate here.

This year the themes are:

Let's dig in!


Australian National Telehealth Awareness Month


Telehealth and Virtual Care For Consumers 


Telehealth means providing healthcare remotely using video consultation software like Coviu or, failing that, a telephone call. Healthcare provided in this way must still meet all the quality controls that apply to in-person care such as complying with privacy regulations and maintaining appropriate records. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, telehealth usage surged as patients and providers sought ways to safely access and deliver healthcare. In 2020 alone, Australians had more than 40 million telehealth consultations! Fast forward to now, telehealth is still on the rise despite high vaccination rates and countries going back to 'normal'. Proving that telehealth is beyond a pandemic necessity

40 million


There is great demand for telehealth with increased consumer and provider willingness and regulatory changes enabling greater access and reimbursement. Minister Greg Hunt said, “I’m pleased to announce that, for the long term, telehealth will become a permanent part of the Medicare system.”


Our consumer research, targeted at Mental Health in Australians aged 18-65, shows that consumers continue to value telehealth services and 52% would even consider switching mental health providers to one that offers telehealth. 64% confirmed what we know, that telehealth makes mental health support more accessible and 67% said telehealth helps save time!


mental health pie chart

There are many benefits to telehealth/virtual care for patients including:
  • They can receive care without having to leave their home

  • More choice in selecting providers, including access to specialist services not available nearby

  • Increased convenience including reduced travel time and costs

  • More equitable and timely access to services to improve continuity of care

Telehealth/virtual care supports healthcare professionals by:
  • Improving access to specialist services and support 

  • Improving clinical networks and collaboration 

  • Facilitating flexible service delivery models and multidisciplinary care


With telehealth usage on the rise, we at Coviu have put together a comprehensive guide where you can explore an array of content from, interesting telehealth statistics, customer success stories, advantages of telehealth, telehealth eligibility, a variety of helpful telehealth resources, and more. 



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