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Online Health Protections to Combat Heightened Cybersecurity Concerns

Australians are increasingly falling victim to cyber crime, says the Daily Telegraph, with one Australian falling victim to cyber crime every eight minutes. Dr Silvia Pfeiffer discusses the importance of online protections for the health community and how Coviu is designed to protect patient and clinician data, vulnerable to cyber attacks.


With increased concerns around Australian cybersecurity in the wake of the September 2022 cyber breach that saw over 9 million Australian Optus users' personal data compromised, it has never been more important to be vigilant in the use of digital technology. 

With hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to steal Australian's personal data, cyber crimes are growingly prevalent, costing our local economy over $33 billion a year and everyday people a lot of grief.

Adding to concerns over the use of personal medical data highlighted in the recent Roe v Wade decision, data security is now a frontline topic, with many health providers unsure how to achieve adequate protection in an online setting. In fact, a recent AMA study showed nearly 75% of patients expressed concern about protecting their personal health data, putting even greater pressures on the health industry to ensure robust security standards for patients and providers.

Coviu CEO and Co-Founder Silvia Pfeiffer highlights the key factors to consider in guaranteeing a more secure online health environment. Measures such as email encryption and using a secure, purpose-built platform for the healthcare sector, such as Coviu, bring greater peace of mind. 

Coviu has been built with extreme care for patient privacy and is HIPAA compliant with all calls encrypted end-to-end so no patient data is stored and privacy standards met.

Read the full article ‘Australians are increasingly falling victim to cyber crime, proving we're all click bait’ featuring CEO and Co-Founder of Coviu, Dr Silvia Pfeiffer alongside key Australian digital security experts as she outlines solutions for clinicians to provide patients with utmost security within their virtual care environments.





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