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Jenny Aiken Appointed Chair of Coviu Global

Coviu is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jenny Aiken as the new Chair of Coviu Global's Board of Directors.  This appointment coincides with the departure of Dr. Amandeep Hansra from her role, as she assumes a position on the board of HealthDirect Australia.

Having joined Coviu's Board of Directors at the outset of 2023, Jenny Aiken has already made significant contributions to the rapid growth of the startup. Her distinguished career spanning 30 years encompasses diverse expertise in healthcare, commercial, and governance roles. Given her extensive background and experience, Aiken was a natural choice to step into the esteemed position previously held by Dr. Hansra.

Aiken's prior leadership role as Chair of the Board at the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), which served more than 30,000 members, underscores her qualifications. Prior to APA, Aiken served as both a non-executive director and Chair on multiple healthcare boards and founded two multidisciplinary clinics as the Principal Physiotherapist. More recently, Aiken was engaged as a Commercialisation Facilitator for AusIndustry's Accelerating Commercialisation Programme.

Coviu thanks Dr. Hansra for chairing the board during her 5-year tenure. Dr. Hansra played a pivotal role in Coviu's formative stages prior to the pandemic, leveraging her experience with telehealth services in Australia and Asia. Under Dr. Hansra's leadership, the Coviu Board steered the company's successful expansion during the pandemic, penetrating the US market and evolving its product portfolio from a core telehealth platform to an integrated virtual care engagement platform with a specialized emphasis on measurement-based care through integrated assessment and strategic partnerships.

Dr. Hansra’s departure from the role signifies an exciting opportunity as she assumes a prominent position at HealthDirect, one of Coviu’s largest clients. To date, Coviu has delivered over 9 million healthcare video consultations via 90,000+ users, partly through the HealthDirect video call platform. Dr. Hansra remains committed to her work in the Australian virtual care landscape.

Silvia Pfeiffer, CEO and Co-Founder of Coviu expressed her appreciation: “We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Amandeep Hansra for her guiding influence on Coviu, and look forward to continuing to work together as we shape the landscape of virtual care in Australia. Jenny Aiken's decision to assume this role is truly exceptional. Her combination of clinical, commercial, and governance expertise will greatly benefit us as we expand further in the US market and reinforce our core offering as the preferred telehealth platform for measurement-based virtual care."

In response, Jenny Aiken, Chair of Coviu Global, commented:  "I am thrilled to lead Coviu Global into its next chapter. The company is experiencing commendable traction in the US market, offering a unique niche with its robust partnerships, particularly with Pearson Clinical, and its innovative assessment integrations. The buzz and enthusiasm generated by their recent presence at conferences is very exciting."


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