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Getting your Speech Pathology Clinic - Online!

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Kanella Mendigorin, Speech Pathologist at Shine Early Intervention

Tell us about yourself and your practice! 

I am a Pediatric Speech Pathologist at Shine Early Intervention in South West Sydney. We are known for helping children that seem extremely complicated, to overcome their difficulties and shine. We have a huge play gym at each center so that our clients, young and old, can relax and meet their sensory needs.

We have Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Music Therapy, social skills, and construction groups and parties. I am known for helping fussy feeders to eat new foods, and for helping children read for the first time.

What are the benefits of using Telehealth for your patients?

Telehealth has been a cost-effective, flexible way to help children work on their goals. It has been very helpful for most Speech Pathology sessions.

School children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have greatly enjoyed playing online games and working on their skills online. We have even found hidden IT talents!

One boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder dislikes the embarrassment of working on his social skills at school with a therapist and now enjoys working on his social skills online with another boy of the same age, and his classmates are none the wiser. Another boy dislikes working on reading with paper materials but enjoys playing reading games online during therapy.


How has providing Telehealth helped your business?
Telehealth has provided a way to continue our business during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Without Telehealth, we would not have been able to provide services for many people, and our business would have suffered greatly.
How has using Telehealth changed your clinical practice?

Telehealth has allowed me to use more visual material as well as create more visual material, songs, and YouTube games to support my clients.

Telehealth has also allowed me to provide small, online social skills groups for the first time. These online groups allow me to match children that suit each other, keep costs down, see children more often, and reduce the stress of transitioning to a new place by working on social skills with other children, while still staying at home.


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