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February Wrap Up - Discover The Latest at Coviu!

It's been another busy month at Coviu from podcasts, upcoming industry events, and a number of exciting product updates. We are thrilled to keep building a virtual care platform that enables clinicians to deliver patient/client outcomes efficiently and securely. 

This year we have officially surpassed 9 million+ consultations delivered together on our platform. This is an amazing representation of the scale of care that is being provided virtually, and we hope we can continue to provide a platform that enables clinicians and patients alike to deliver and receive care no matter their location. 




Upcoming Industry Event



We are delighted to be exhibiting at the ATA2023 Annual Conference & Expo in San Antonio, Texas from the 4th - 6th of March 2023.

At ATA2023, discover and learn from industry-leading speakers, innovators, and front-line providers focused on creating the right systems, providing the right training, and developing the right tools to entrench telehealth.

Register to attend and swing by the Coviu booth - #1108!
We'd love to see you.








Silvia Pfeiffer on the Future of Telehealth: Fear and Greed Podcast

Listen to Dr. Silvia Pfeiffer on the Fear and Greed Podcast Interview on 'How the CSIRO (Australia's leading multidisciplinary science and engineering research center) helped shape the future of telehealth'. Dr. Pfeiffer speaks to Sean Alymer about how telehealth was already in use prior to Covid-19, how things took a giant leap forward during the pandemic, and what needs to happen now for virtual care to continue to have a positive impact on the healthcare system.





Product Updates


Newsletter Product Updates (9)


In-Call Text Chat Improvements


Coviu's in-call text chat function now allows call hosts the ability to download the chat history of the consultation as a text file. Practitioners can keep downloaded chat files as records in their EHRs. Formatting within the chat has also been improved to allow better visualization of who has sent each message. 

Many of our customers have told us they find the in-call chat feature specifically helpful when clients/patients want to talk about things they are hesitant to say in front of nearby people due to fear or embarrassment. 







In-Call Mute Update


If a participant is muted in a call and forgets to unmute themselves when trying to speak, an 'Are you talking?' notification will appear for the muted participant. This will appear above the mute microphone control.




Coming Soon

Waiting area US


Virtual Waiting Area Improvements


Some exciting improvements are coming soon to the virtual Waiting Area feature including:

  • Advanced options for Entry Fields in the Configuration Menu for both patient-entered fields and new internal use only fields.

  • New field types including Team Member lookups and color-coded drop-downs.

  • The ability to personalize your view and edit caller information.

  • New advanced filtering and column sorting to provide clinics with many more options for managing a busy waiting area.

  • Add patient notes to a caller, assign callers to team members for queue management + more.

The Virtual Waiting Area is enabled on Standard and Premium Coviu Plans. Click here to upgrade your plan.




Newsletter Product Updates (6)


Pre-Session Forms Preview


Customizable forms will soon support the ability for clinicians to send their clients/patients forms prior to their session. This will allow clients/patients to complete forms days or even weeks before their scheduled consultation!


This feature will only be available if you have both the Scheduled Sessions App and Customizable Forms App installed. 



Newsletter Product Updates (8)


Audio-Only Telehealth Voicemail Functionality

You asked, we listened... Audio-Only Telehealth will soon support voicemail capabilities! Providers will be able to allow their patients/clients to leave a voicemail when they are not able to attend to incoming calls.

Stay tuned, more information coming soon.

All product updates can also be viewed here.






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Telehealth Resources


Check out our library of Telehealth resources! From Telehealth Tips & Tricks to Coviu Training, On-Demand Webinars, and Blogs!




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Clinical Evidence

We know Coviu provides impact, but you don’t need to take our word for it – extensive scientific research has been undertaken to answer your specific questions about virtual care and when it is most effective. 



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