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Enhance Teletherapy for Kids with Coviu & Boom Learning

Children's therapy, whether for speech, occupational, or behavioral challenges, relies on the engagement and active participation of young patients. With the advent of telehealth, platforms like Coviu have revolutionized the way we deliver therapy, making it more accessible and convenient. To further enrich the therapy experience for children, Coviu has joined forces with Boom Learning, an educational technology company. Together, they offer innovative solutions to boost engagement and learning outcomes during virtual therapy sessions.

The Challenge of Engaging Young Patients

Therapists working with children face a unique set of challenges when it comes to engagement. Maintaining a child's attention and motivation can be a complex task, especially in a virtual environment. Traditional in-person therapy often relies on tangible tools, interactive games, and face-to-face interaction. The shift to teletherapy has called for creative solutions to keep kids engaged and motivated.

Coviu's Integrated Teletherapy & Teleassessment Platform

Coviu is a one-of-its-kind teletherapy and teleassessment platform designed to facilitate high-quality virtual healthcare. It offers secure video communication, appointment scheduling, and an Apps marketplace of over 50 interactive resources and features, making it an excellent choice for clinicians. However, it's Coviu's dedication to continuous improvement and innovation that truly sets it apart. 


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Boom Learning: Interactive Educational Tools

Boom Learning is an edtech company renowned for its engaging, digital educational resources. Their platform offers a vast library of interactive, self-paced learning games, flashcards, and quizzes. These resources are designed to make learning fun and effective, and they cover a wide range of subjects, including speech and language development, literacy, and math.

The Coviu and Boom Learning Partnership

Coviu recognized that the interactive nature of Boom Learning's tools could be harnessed to enhance children's engagement during therapy sessions. By partnering with Boom Learning, Coviu has expanded its toolkit to include these interactive educational resources. This partnership has opened up a world of possibilities for therapists, making it easier than ever to keep young patients focused and motivated during virtual therapy. To find out how Boom Learning works within a Coviu teletherapy session read here.

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Increasing Engagement with Interactive Resources

Here are a few ways in which the Coviu and Boom Learning partnership can help boost children's engagement during therapy:

1. Gamification: Many of Boom Learning's resources are game-based, turning therapy into a playful and enjoyable experience. This can reduce anxiety and resistance, making it easier for children to participate.

2. Visual Learning: Interactive flashcards and visual aids help therapists convey concepts more effectively, especially when working with children who respond well to visual stimuli.

3. Personalization: The vast library of resources means therapists can find materials tailored to each child's specific therapy goals.

4. Increased Consistency: Teletherapy can sometimes suffer from a lack of continuity. Boom Learning's resources can provide a consistent element in a child's therapy journey.

5. A Comfortable EncounterTeletherapy allows a clinician to get valuable insights into a child's living environment. Some children feel more comfortable in their homes and in certain instances, this increases client engagement with the clinician.


The partnership between Coviu and Boom Learning represents a significant step forward in the field of teletherapy for children. By incorporating engaging and interactive educational resources into virtual therapy sessions, therapists can maximize children's engagement and accelerate their progress. This innovative collaboration demonstrates how technology can be harnessed to improve the lives of children and their families by making therapy both more effective and enjoyable. It's a testament to the power of innovation and partnership in the world of healthcare and education.


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