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Telehealth Tools Thursday: Web Coaching & Interactive Drag'n'Drop Game

TELEHEALTH TOOLS THURSDAY! Every Thursday we will be highlighting a few clinical and administrative tools that can enhance your telehealth consultation. This week we dive into our Web Coaching App and our interactive Drag'n'Drop Game!


Web-coaching-with-circles (1)


Web Coaching


The Web Coaching app allows you to create assessment checklists, record the call, and then replay and review the recording together. This app is ideal for role-playing, training, or other assessment activities requiring collaborative review. This app is $85/month/account for unlimited usage.








Drag'n'Drop Interactive Game


The Drag'n'Drop app grants you the ability to create your very own interactive game! It allows you to pick a background image and accompanying imagery to drag around on your chosen background.





How to Add Apps to Your Coviu Account


To get started, purchase/install any of the above apps from the Coviu App Marketplace. Once installed each tool can then be viewed within your consultation under 'Apps & Tools', ready to be used with patients!


If you are on an Enterprise account, speak to your Coviu Account Manager for more information.


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