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August Wrap Up - Discover The Latest at Coviu!

We hope you have been enjoying exploring our new features across the Coviu platform! In case you missed it, Audio-Only Consultations and Group Telehealth Rooms made their grand entrance to Coviu last month, creating a superior and frictionless virtual care experience 🌟💻📱.


Coviu's unified platform for synchronous, video, phone, and group consultations, alongside an extensive Apps Marketplace and Remote Patient Monitoring capabilities, is able to deliver on a vision of a 'connected care – system of action' that enables providers to provide rapid patient care impact.

To receive a personal walkthrough, book a demo with our friendly team to learn more about how you can utilize Coviu for your practice. 


This month we also held our virtual company 'offsite'. It was great connecting with our colleagues who span across the globe to celebrate how far we have come as a company, learn more about each other and plan for the rest of the year. There are still so many exciting things to come and we're excited to see the evolutionary path that digital health has and continues to take. 


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Product Updates


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Recording Incoming Phone Calls


For Enterprise clinics that have a phone number provisioned, incoming call recording can now be configured. The configuration menu will now allow you to enable recording as well as set a message to advise callers that a recording will occur. All recordings are captured in Data Collections. To enable this feature please reach out to your account manager. 




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Waiting Area Hours


Any new clinics that are created will have their Waiting Area Hours preset to 24*7 by default. This will allow clinics to avoid immediate configuration of hours. Configuration of custom hours can still be set as per normal, but the default will be 24*7. Previously this was set 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.




Waiting Area Invitation Update


Waiting Area Invitations now provide an information retention option to accommodate different workflows. You are now able to choose if you’d like the message and recipient content to remain or be cleared after sending.



All product updates can also be viewed here.




Provider Highlight

Benchmark Psychology - Putting Telehealth into Practice


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How can we digitize healthcare services without compromising human interaction? For Benchmark Psychology this was one of the key questions when designing video telehealth services for their clients. Using Coviu’s virtual care engagement platform, Benchmark Psychology was able to achieve exactly that - create a video telehealth service that is just like an in-person experience.






Marketing Your Virtual Care Practice


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One of the most common questions we get asked here at Coviu is, ‘I’ve set up my virtual care practice, but how do I attract bookings for my new service?'. Marketing your virtual care practice can be a challenging aspect many clinicians face when providing a telehealth service to their clients, but don’t worry - you are not alone!


Here at Coviu, we have put together the ins and outs on how to market your virtual care practice, which are easy to implement and will assist with transitioning your existing clients, as well as acquiring new clients to your practice.





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Ticker News

Coviu's CEO and Co-Founder Dr Silvia Pfeiffer went live on Ticker News to shed some light on how Coviu is committed to making virtual care easier for the global healthcare industry.


"Over 100 million telehealth consultations were delivered by the MBS,  Medicare Items since the beginning of COVID. About 12% of those were video consultations. That is about 12 million video telehealth consultations. And us as a company, we (Coviu) helped clinicians deliver 7.5 million of those consultations". 









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