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Coviu at ASHA Boston 2023

This blog unravels insights from ASHA Igniting Innovation 2023, shedding light on how Coviu's advanced platform is poised to propel audiologists and SLPs into a new era of success within the realm of telehealth, particularly under a blended care model.

In vibrant Boston, at the ASHA Ignite conference, Coviu was a proud sponsor of the 4-day networking opportunity for the SLP community. The event proved to be a pivotal moment for the telehealth industry, as Coviu introduced its cutting-edge teletherapy and teleassessment solution to an enthusiastic audience of American audiologists and speech-language pathologists (SLPs). 

ASHA ignite 2023

Exploring the ASHA Ignite Experience

With over 15,000 attendees, ASHA Ignite provided a remarkable opportunity for Coviu to engage with the SLP community. Among the highlights was when Coviu’s Kellie Paul, Director of Client Strategy & Growth, presented at Sig 16, urging SLPs to envision the future of telehealth differently. Kellie's passion for telehealth was evident in her discussions, offering clinicians valuable insights and support. Clinicians can uncover her wisdom during personalized 1:1 sessions beyond the conference.


Sophie from Coviu's Australian team, was also honored to be able to join the event and had fabulous discussions with the community. The pair from Coviu seized networking opportunities, fostering meaningful connections with partners such as Practice Perfect, Next Level Speech, and Boom Learning, with whom integration is now seamless.


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ASHA Ignite 2023


Key Themes Uncovered & Paving the Way for Telehealth Excellence at ASHA


Three recurring themes emerged from discussions at ASHA Ignite:


1. Traditional Video Software Does Not Meet The Unique Needs of Audiologists & SLPs, but Coviu Does!

Traditional video platforms like Zoom fall short of meeting the specific requirements of audiologists and SLPs. Coviu acknowledges this challenge and addresses it by integrating Pearson tests within its telehealth platform. These tests, optimized for digital delivery, cater to the distinctive workflows of audiologists and SLPs. Coviu further has the potential to measure sound client-side, which also opens up new opportunities for clinicians dealing with voice and audio-related assessments.


2. Overcoming Trauma from Rapid Telehealth Adoption

The trauma induced by the hurried shift to telehealth remains a significant barrier for SLPs and audiologists, especially in educational settings. Coviu advocates for a blended care model, recognizing its benefits and offering a supportive approach. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) frequently mention that the challenges encountered during the use of telehealth amid COVID can be alleviated through technological advancements that prioritize a human-centric approach, implement robust privacy safeguards, and actively attend to the emotional needs of clients. Coviu's platform, compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, and ISO 27001 standards, features digitally optimized tools, a purpose-built interface, and integrated Pearson assessments. This support system enhances healthcare outcomes, again distinguishing itself from video software not specifically designed for virtual care.


3. Setting Up a Telehealth Business Requires Support

Coviu is able to support customers with valuable insights on setting up a telehealth clinic, a topic of keen interest for many clinicians. From practical tips to strategic considerations, Coviu guides clinicians in establishing successful telehealth ventures, and Kellie Paul is able to walk clinicians through the best set up for their workflows and areas of specialty in a 1:1 demo. SLPs and audiologists can also find more resources on Coviu's website including information about marketing your telehealth practice.


Thank You to Everyone Who Made ASHA Great!

In closing, Coviu extends gratitude to its partners, friends, and ASHA for a rewarding experience at ASHA Ignite 2023. The event not only showcased Coviu's commitment to advancing telehealth but also marked a significant step towards fostering collaboration and innovation in the evolving landscape of speech pathology and audiology. Here's to a future where telehealth becomes synonymous with excellence, powered by platforms like Coviu.


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