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Webinar: 6 Evidence-Based Strategies to Enhance Telehealth

Coviu delivered a webinar on ‘6 Evidence-Based Strategies to Enhance Video Telehealth’ with host Peter Simpson-Young (Coviu).


If you missed the live webinar, or would simply like to rewatch, you can view the full video recording here and download the slides here.


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6 Evidence-Based Strategies


This webinar dives into 6 evidence-based strategies to enhance video telehealth consisting of:

  1. Hands help social presence
  2. Eye contact builds trust
  3. Camera angles may have unintended consequences
  4. Less feedback can lead to lecturing
  5. Constant self-monitoring is fatiguing
  6. Better hardware might improve cognitive load





Peter Simpson-Young (BA, BSc, MHTI)

Pete is a psychology graduate and Telehealth Evangelist at Coviu. Pete has trained over 4,000 telehealth practitioners since March 2020. Pete’s domains of expertise are the clinical, administrative, technical, and commercial aspects of telehealth service delivery.



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