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Coviu Integrates with Language Interpretation App, 2M lingo™

Coviu has partnered with 2M Language Services and 2M lingo™ to provide time-critical language access to healthcare. 2M lingo™ by 2M Language Services is an embedded application that provides seamless, in-app language interpretation for Coviu video calls with the click of a button.

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Available in over 250 languages, including American Sign Language, the integrated Coviu and 2M lingo™ service instantly connects you to a network of over 10,000 HIPAA-compliant and professional medical interpreters in a matter of seconds.


2M lingo™ integrates Coviu video conferencing into its Interpreter Management System allowing interpreters to identify a Coviu request, answer in the web caller, and be placed directly into a telehealth consultation without needing to install a plugin.


In a diverse country, it is crucial to have services such as 2M lingo™ to facilitate culture-rich healthcare delivery and ensure there are no barriers to addressing health concerns and conditions. 2M lingo™ is a valued resource to be able to capture the communication between a patient and clinician in a timely, efficient and accurate manner. The service alleviates many pain points faced by the healthcare industry by removing urgency loading and providing health equity to all Americans.





How to Install on Coviu

The 2M lingo™ App is free to install from Coviu's Apps Marketplace. If you are on an Enterprise account, speak to your Coviu Account Manager for more information.


In order to use the 2M lingo™ app, you must be a registered user with 2M Language Services and have an active account. For more information on how to get started please click here.


The App is free to download on Coviu. Fees vary depending on your agreement with 2M Language Services. Learn more here

How to Install 2M Lingo




Virtual Engagement Platform Coviu


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2mlogoAbout 2M Language Services

A global language service and language technology provider headquartered with over 20 years of experience delivering quality interpreting services to healthcare providers. 2M adheres to global quality standards and holds current Certification for Interpreting Services ISO 18841, Quality Management ISO 9001, and Information Security Management System ISO 27001. Learn more.


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