Text Only Sessions

Text Only Sessions

Text-only sessions are Coviu calls with no audio and video chat capabilities. This App allows you to hold private and discreet text-only sessions with your patients in real-time.

The interface allows patients/clients to live text with clinicians and the conversation will not stored on our servers. All data is end-to-end encrypted and is deleted at the end of a client’s session unless they give permission otherwise.

Text Only Sessions

How it Works

Text-only sessions are Coviu calls with no audio and video chat capabilities. You can still continue to use all the in-call features (document sharing, whiteboards etc.) as expected from standard video sessions.

Text-only sessions can be set up using the Scheduled Sessions feature. Once text-only sessions are enabled for your account, they can be set up by selecting the 'Text-only' option when scheduling a new session.


All messages only persist for the duration of the session and are not saved on Coviu servers.

The host may choose to download a copy of the chat log before closing the browser window. This will provide a file that the host can then store within their own servers or patient management systems.



Essentials Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan Enterprise

$20/month/account (unlimited assessments and users)

$20/month/account (unlimited assessments and users) $20/month/account (unlimited assessments and users) App costs may differ. Please contact your account manager for assistance with a quote and activation of the App in your clinic. 


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