eLr for Coviu provides more than 15,000 interactive activities covering more than 1,000 separate speech, language, and literacy targets. These materials are designed to assist with the remediation of a wide range of speech and language disorders such as phonological impairment, apraxia, developmental language disorder, aphasia, and reading and spelling problems.

eLR - Laptop - No Circles

How It Works

eLr for Coviu is not just screen sharing - every mouse action and screen response is synchronised, which means you are able to see and talk to each other while interacting with an eLr task as if you were using the same device.

To get started, you will need an active Coviu account as well as an eLr registration from eLr Software. If you are an existing eLr subscriber, you should just use your current User ID, PIN, and Expiry Date to access eLr for Coviu.

If you are not a current eLr subscriber, you may obtain a free trial code from eLr Software.

Once installed, you can access the App within your consultation under 'Apps & Tools', ready to be used with clients!


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$2/month/account $2/month/account 

App costs may differ. Please contact your account manager for assistance with a quote and activation of the App in your clinic.

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