Grid View

The Grid View App allows you to see multiple resources next to each other in the call interface to compare them or to access them side-by-side. You get to choose which previously loaded resources you want to place next to each other.

Dual Screen

How it Works

  1. Once in your Coviu call, click the 'Apps & Tools+' button on the bottom right side of the screen.

  2. Choose an App that you want to use (e.g. Share an Image)

  3. Now choose a second App that you want to use (e.g. Add a Whiteboard).

  4. Click the 'Apps & Tools+' button again, scroll down the menu and click on Add a grid view 2 panes. (Note: you can also click on Add a grid view 3 panes).

  5. From the Active'Apps & Tools+' menu, click on 'Grid View #'. You will now see a split screen with two dropdown menus that prompt you to select a resource to display.

  6. Click on the dropdown menu, and choose from the list the App that you already opened. Make sure that you do this for both dropdown menus (or 3 if you selected Add a grid view 3 panes).

  7. You now have two Apps displayed side-by-side that you can share simultaneously with your client(s).







  • This App is free.


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