Consent Form - Configurable

Consent Form - Configurable

This App allows you to add an informed consent form when guests enter a call, to which guests must consent before being able to access the call itself. With this form, you are able to customize the text of the consent form to match your own requirements.

Consent Form

Configuring Your Form

To configure your form, simply locate the App in your configuration settings, and click the 'Configure' option next to the 'Consent Form - Configurable' option.

How it Works

  • When activated, any guest who is entering a call will be presented with the consent form.

  • In order to proceed with the call, the guest must click 'I Consent'.

  • If they consent, they will proceed into the call entry flow.

  • If they do not consent, they will not be able to proceed.




Notes and Requirements 

It is important to note that this consent form does not keep a record of the consent that has been given. Rather, it relies on the principle of implicit consent. If this App has been activated and the guest has arrived in the call, then it is presumed that they have consented.

If your requirements rely on keeping a record of consent, please contact our support team to discuss your requirements.


  • This App is free.

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