Telehealth API

A turn-key video communication kit for developers


Integrate Video Communications into your Website or Application for Developers

Coviu has developed an easy-to-implement and no maintenance WebRTC platform or VCaaS  (Video Communications as a Service) .

Use the Coviu API when you want to integrate video communications into your website or application.

You can simply drop the Coviu video call interface into your software at the point where you want your users to join in a conversation. The video call interface can be configured for your purposes and white-labeled with your logo and brand colors.

Coviu provides the security of WebRTC which is built into the application and includes extra functionality such as whiteboards and screen sharing in an exceptionally secure HTML5 environment.

You can also opt for additional features such as recording or shared forms. You can also decide to allow your users access to Coviu support by turning the in-built "Help" button on/off.

Coviu's API is a REST API with an asymmetrical interaction flow for guests and hosts - guests end up in a waiting space with music playing until they get picked up by the host. You can decide which users are guests and hosts in your application.

Once implemented you'll have a flexible, adaptable, and secure video communication solution for your own application.

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Everything you need to integrate with a video communication platform

Coviu works on any modern Web browser, and provides SDKs for Android and iOS.


Quick Api Integration

Quick API Integration

We take care of the technical
intricacies. Simply focus on embedding video comms into your workflow.

SDK libraries Coviu API

SDK libraries for many languages

We provide SDKs for many backend programming languages. Including iOS and Android for the frontend.

Appointment Bookings - Coviu API

Appointment Booking

Our REST API allows you to create Coviu room URLs for appointments in the calendar of your app.

API Analytics

Usage statistics for your calls

We provide hourly, weekly, and monthly usage graphs so you can keep track of your Coviu calls.

Technical Excellence

Server infrastructure

Cloud-hosted servers that have been deployed to be scalable and highly available.

No software maintenance costs

Coviu takes care of maintaining all necessary updates to WebRTC APIs across browsers.

Privacy and security

Coviu uses TLS/SSL with servers and fully encrypted audio, video via DTLS/SRTP, and data connections via DTLS/SCTP peer-to-peer



Coviu API

The Coviu Difference


Privacy + Security (HIPAA compliant)

HIPAA Compliant, and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) ensures your data is always safe & secure.

healthcare access

Fits with Your Workflow

Replicate your organizations's physical structure in an online environment and digitize your practice in 1 day.


Seamless Across All Devices

Coviu has you covered on any iOS, Android, Mac, Linux or PC ‎device.


Patient Management + Clinical Tools

Achieve more with your calls using powerful apps to suit your specialty.

reduce cancellations


Hosting 10K+ consultations per day. Trusted by 90K+ clinicians | 9M + consultations to date

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Easy for Patients

No downloads, installations or account creation required. Patients just click a link and connect!

API Pricing

The API plan is $200  per month and includes 100 sessions. You will be charged $2 per session once you exceed the 100 sessions

  • 1 week free trial

  • 100 video sessions included

  • One-click video consultations

  • Ability to activate apps such as consent forms

  • Integrated support button

  • Waiting queues with music



  • Put clients back on hold

  • Shared whiteboard

  • Screensharing

  • Image and PDF sharing

  • Text chat with clients

  • Up to 4 participants

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