It is our vision to see all health practitioners running their own modern digital practice by 2020. One important part of a digital practice is video consultations, allowing practitioners and patients more freedom for when and where to address health issues.

Coviu recognizes the need for care continuity to achieve best patient outcomes and build a trusting relationship. At the same time, we recognize that a modern health service has to be provided by an array of healthcare professionals, all contributing their special insights.

From providing preventative health to emergency care, specialist consultations and therapy - many aspects of healthcare can be simplified and intensified with video consultations. 

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Coviu for Health

Powerful features made for practitioners

Coviu for Health

Appointment links in your system

Coviu's consultation rooms are Web links that you can copy into your appointment bookings.

The rooms are professional looking and have rich document sharing features.

Free access for your patients

Your patients enter from a Web link that you can email or SMS them. They can enter from any consumer device.

Video consultation rooms

Explore our product features and benefits.

Run your practice the way you always have

Rich interactions specific to your profession

Work with the data of your profession

Coviu has image and document sharing and annotation features built in, as well as a whiteboard and screensharing.

Charging functionality

To enable your business, we have custom charging mechanisms that we can turn on for you.

Customisable features

You work with special questionnaires, or interactive games, or specialised charts - talk to us about how you can make use of your special processes in video consultations.

Perfect for teams of health professionals

A consultation room per patient? Group therapy rooms? Not a problem - set up as many rooms as you need - there are no physical limitations.

Your own custom domain

Your team account comes with a custom domain and custom branding. Ask us about custom branded mobile apps.

To offer team care sessions for your patients - just share your room links with other practitioners.

Ready for team care

Unlimited shared rooms

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Business integration

As a provider of a digital health product that would profit from video consultation functionality, you need to take a look at Coviu today.

Technical integration

We make the technical integration simple by providing you all the SDKs and APIs necessary.

Operational excellence

Coviu is built on cloud technology, is highly scalable and reliable, and adheres to the highest security and privacy standards.

Suited for digital health systems integrations

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per user per month

For Professionals & Care Teams

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Unlimited sessions

Unlimited consultation rooms

Custom subdomain

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  • Free to try for 1 month
  • Your professional brand subdomain
  • Individual meeting room link for each member
  • Up to 4 endpoints per meeting
  • PDF & Image sharing
  • Shared whiteboards
  • Screensharing
  • Unlimited shared meeting rooms
  • Manages corporate firewalls
  • Document camera support
  • Annotate, snapshot and save shared documents
  • Custom branded rooms with your logo and color
  • Automatic updates

Includes these features:

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