Coviu has developed the easiest to implement and maintain WebRTC VCaaS
(Video Communications as a Service) platform.

Use the Coviu API when you want to integrate video consultations into your Website. The Coviu platform gives you everything you need without requiring to learn WebRTC technology or having to hire a new developer with that background. It will take a typical Web application developer a few hours to activate a Coviu integration on your Website and then you have a flexible and adaptable video calling interface ready for your business to use.

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Powerful API integration features

The Coviu Developer API

Quick API integration

We take care of technical
intricacies so you can focus on embedding video consults into your workflow.

We take care of all challnges relating to WebRTC to free up your developer time.

SDK libraries for many languages 

We provide SDKs for many backend programming languages and for iOS and Android for the frontend.

We provide hourly, weekly and monthly usage graphs so you can keep track of your Coviu calls.

Usage statistics for your calls

Appointment bookings

Our REST API allows you to create Coviu room URLs for appointments in the calendar of your app.

A turn-key video consultation tool kit built for developers.

Richer interactions

Enjoy richer interactions in your video calls with sharing of images, documents, annotations and more.

Coviu is a clean, simple and easy to use application designed specifically for professional consultations.

User friendly

Free client access

Your clients can join the call by clicking on a simple Web link - no signup required and no need to install software. 

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Business integration

Technical integration

SDKs for server languages

To user our REST API, we provide SDKs for Node.JS, Python, PHP, Java and many more.

Client SDK for iOS and Android

On the web an iFrame or plain link is sufficient, but for native mobile apps on iOS or Android, we provide custom SDKs.

Customisable functionality

For your own custom branding or support for a special feature, talk to us - Coviu's user interface is built to be extended.

Operational excellence

Cloud hosted servers that have been deployed to be scalable and highly available.

No software maintenance costs

Coviu takes care of maintaining all necessary updates to WebRTC APIs across browsers.

Privacy and security

Coviu uses TLS/SSL with servers and fully encrypted audio, video via  DTLS/SRTP and data connections via DTLS/SCTP peer-to-peer.

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  • Free for 4 weeks
  • API access to integrate Coviu into your application
  • Unique rooms for each session
  • Create different URLs for specialists and clients
  • Ability to time-limit sessions
  • Introduce online video consultations into your business in a matter of days

Includes all the features of the free and professional plans plus these extras:

Everything you need for your own video consultation integration

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