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DoE Case Study

Rapid Video Telehealth Roll-Out

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has undergone a profound shift. As lockdowns began, organisations all over the world scrambled to shift the way they deliver services and communicate in a world constrained by social distancing, quarantine and isolation. 

The New South Wales Department of Education (DoE), was on a similar quest to find a solution to continue delivering the much needed mental health support to New South Wales public school students, who were studying from home.

This case study outlines how the DoE was able to implement a Telepsychology platform that allowed school counselling staff to continue providing support and therapy to students during the uncertain times of the pandemic. To learn about their experience first hand, Coviu interviewed Pauline Kotselas, Leader of Psychology and Wellbeing Services, Child Protection, Health, Mental Wellbeing and Karina Worrall, the Principal Psychologist at DoE.