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Respiratory Diagnostic Test Available Soon on Coviu

Here at Coviu, we believe utilising technology and Artificial Intelligence is not only beneficial to patients and providers, but necessary to ensure the scalability of healthcare for our future needs.

That is why we are so excited to announce a new integration for the Coviu platform.

Over the next months, ResApp's smartphone-based diagnostic respiratory test will be brought to life on Coviu's telehealth platform.

The Australian company's technology uses machine learning algorithms to diagnose a patients cough remotely. In simple terms, the app listens to the patient's cough, compares it to a significant amount of existing data and creates algorithms based on patterns and inference.

ResApp's respiratory diagnosis test to be integrated onto Coviu platform Example of ResApp results

ResApp diagnoses and measures the severity of a wide range of chronic and acute diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, bronchiolitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Once on Coviu, the technology will be available for use by over 7000 clinicians.  Patients will be able to receive a diagnosis from the comfort of their own home, which is particularly beneficial to rural dwellers and patients with disabilities.

We are excited to integrate ResApp's technology onto our platform, particularly due to its clinical validation and regulatory approval. ResAppDx-EU is CE Marked in the European Union and Therapeutics Good Administration (TGA) approved in Australia.

Coviu believes that any applications or tools hosted within our platform must be tested, authorised and approved by relevant organisations. This is particularly important with regards to artificial intelligence.

Therefore, our other AI project, PhysioROM, is currently undergoing clinical trials following  receiving the CRC-P Grant late last year. PhysioROM is designed to analyse and measure a patients range of motion following injury or surgery. It is a rehabilitation game-changer. Offering an alternate pathway of outpatient and domiciliary (in-home care) could save private health insurers 65% in expenses, translating into $140M+ in savings for Australia’s health system.

There is so much happening in the telehealth space right now, with new MBS items available and the launch of our patient-facing telehealth provider directory occurring earlier this month.  It is a great time to get involved, so if you have ever considered using video consultations in your practice, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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