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#1: New Coviu User Interface

For the last year, we’ve been sending out a set of update emails to announce new features. In an attempt to document these publicly, we now give you these mailouts also on our blog.

Here’s number one which already shows our three core elements: the communication pane at the left, the document collaboration area in the center and the workflow space at the right.

Subject: “Check out the new Coviu user interface”.
Date sent: 29th June 2015.

Hi user,

Thank you so much for all your feedback on our Coviu pre-release — it has been fantastic. We have listened to our users and developed a large number of improvements:

We’d love to get your feedback — you can simply email or

We’re also happy to join you in a Coviu call to walk you through the new interface.

See you on Coviu!

P.S. Note that we’ve updated our Privacy Policy to allow us to provide you with better support using third party tools like Google Analytics or